Saturday, July 25, 2009

The Works of Tom Emch

This is a blog created for my father, Tom Emch.  My father was the ultimate blue collar, roll-up your sleeves, chain smoking, beer drinking, newspaperman who could punch out a story with two fingers on old manual typewriter in a hazy smoke-filled city room at the last minute.  He wrote stories about life in San Francisco and California in the 1970's for the California Living Magazine in the Sunday San Francisco Examiner/Chronicle from 1969 to 1981.  He had several different by-lines, each with a different personality.  Ambrose Blake, Wallace Toon, Keith Randall, Randall Thomas and Tom Emch paint a unique picture of a changing time in San Francisco in the aftermath flower power.  These are a collection of some of his stories that I have enjoyed.  I hope he likes his own blog. He has always been my favorite writer.

-Becky Emch Tamura